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Krishna Dhaam is a non-profit website gifted to Vaishnav Saint Sri Sri 108 Pran Krishna Das ji Maharaj, Nitai Temple, Radha Kund, Govardhan, Mathura, India. Our goal is making a medium between Krishna Dhaam to Holy people world and present information about Krishna and his places Mathura, Vrindavan, Govardhan, Gokul and Barsana relevant to the diverse needs and interests of people from all over the world students, teachers, scholars, spiritual seekers, the Hindu community, devotees and anyone else interested in practical spiritual life.

Behind the Krishna Dhaam, a dedicated technical team of web administrators and programmers is working.

All donations will be use to maintain and improve this web experience.

We're always happy to engage more volunteers. If you have any talents or skills you'd like to use in Krishna's service, contact us. Feel free to let us how we're doing, or to make suggestions or comments about the site. Suggestions are always welcome.

Best Regards,

Krishna Dhaam
Sri Sri Pran Krishna Das ji Maharaj
(Nitai Temple)
Radha Kund,
Mathura - 281001




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